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With over 53 years of engineering experience in 27 states and 30 different countries, our team has extensive design experience and construction knowledge in numerous applications. From complete site development to minor renovations and everything in between, CASE can provide the engineering expertise you need to successfully complete your project.

Bridge Design Services CASE Engineering

Bridge Design Services

Bridge design has always been a passion for CASE.

Building Design Services CASE Engineering

Building Design Services

The CASE engineers have design experience and knowledge of commercial, private, and industrial buildings.

Construction Engineering CASE Engineering

Construction Engineering

CASE has developed a vast knowledge of various construction methods and techniques used across the country and around the globe.

Foundation Design Services CASE Engineering

Foundation Design Services

CASE has designed foundations of all types in over 20 different states.

Geotechnical Structures CASE Engineering

Geotechnical Structures

The CASE team has a solution for all retaining walls, cofferdams and bulkheads.

Inspection Services CASE Engineering

Inspection Services

CASE provides a number of different inspection types to meet the specific needs of your project.

Oil and Gas Support Services CASE Engineering

Oil and Gas Support Services

CASE has been performing design services for many companies in the southeastern United States areas that support the production of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico.

Soundwall Design Services CASE Engineering

Soundwall Design Services

CASE engineers have designed walls ranging from 2' to 35' tall and from 12' to 2,000' long.

Telecommunication Services CASE Engineering

Telecommunication Services

CASE delivers complete services teaming with its clients from breaking ground on the site, to placing the beacon on the top of the tower.

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CASE specializes in structural design and provides consulting services for all types and sizes of projects. Our projects include design for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications. Whether your project involves wood, concrete, steel, or aluminum, CASE has the knowledge and design experience to help.

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