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Foundation Design Services


Foundation Design Services

The world’s finest structures could not exist if it was not for a stable supporting structure.

Many times the substructure goes unnoticed, but it is a very important aspect of the overall project. Whether the supporting soil stratum is like weak clay found in south Louisiana, or hard rock found in central Arkansas, the CASE team is well experienced and prepared to work with either. The team has designed both shallow and deep foundations using several different construction methods for installation. CASE has developed a huge database of geotechnical information in the region and works closely with the geotechnical engineers during the design. The team is also capable of performing construction inspection services on its foundations and has experience working test pile programs. The team has overseen static pile load tests, pile dynamic analyses, and hammer efficiency and maintenance operations.

some examples of CASE’s experience include:

  • Deep Water Caissons

  • Auger Cast Shafts

  • Drilled Shafts 

  • Tensioned Slabs

  • Slabs on Grade

  • Floating Slabs

  • Timber Piles

  • Open or Filled Pipe Piles

  • Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles

  • Waffle Slabs

  • H Piles

  • Micro Pile Designs

  • Driven Piles

  • Post Tensioned Slabs

CASE has designed foundations for structures such as:

  • Tower Cranes

  • Soundwalls 

  • Buildings

  • Bridges 

  • Communication Towers

  • Industrial Tanks

  • Oil and Gas Platforms

  • Various Types of Miscellaneous Structures 

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CASE specializes in structural design and provides consulting services for all types and sizes of projects. Our projects include design for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications. Whether your project involves wood, concrete, steel, or aluminum, CASE has the knowledge and design experience to help.

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