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Soundwall Design Services


Soundwall Design Services

CASE engineers have designed walls ranging from 2' to 35' tall and from 12' to 2,000' long.

Wherever industry meets residential or commercial areas, noise abatement is a concern. Not only are the noise levels a concern, but the aesthetics of the proposed solution can also be an issue. CASE has extensive experience in providing visually pleasing solutions to varying types of noise problems with numerous different products.

The CASE team has provided design services for walls ranging from 2’ to 35’ tall, and CASE can design reflective or absorptive walls that are mounted on the ground or a new or existing structure. CASE has even designed movable soundwalls that have been transported throughout the country for use on temporary facilities.

We are also able to design the support system so the wall may be mounted on foundations at ground level, attached to a barrier rail of a bridge, mounted on a skid so the wall is moveable, or attached to a building varying in height.

The CASE team has over 14 years of experience in the design of the support system for the LSE Absorptive Noise Barrier System. This versatile absorption system is extremely effective in reducing noise levels in numerous applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal. This modular type of soundwall allows for a myriad of possible heights and lengths.  

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CASE specializes in structural design and provides consulting services for all types and sizes of projects. Our projects include design for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications. Whether your project involves wood, concrete, steel, or aluminum, CASE has the knowledge and design experience to help.

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